Prof. Dr. Eike Wagner // Change Strategist & Org Designer

About Me


Since 1999 I have been supporting individuals, teams and organizations in times of change. I conducted scientific research in Oxford and applied research in organizations.


I am a Professor of Management at Hochschule Macromedia and the Head of the Business Faculty in Munich. I teach HR Basics and HR Psychology as well as Digital Technologies and Global Trends & Foresight.


I am frequently asked to share my experiences and provide stimuli for new ways of thinking and acting. It's my pleasure to speak about:

# Emergent Change

# Leading Change

# Managing Change

# Communicating Change

# Agile Change Mgmt.

# Agile Organization

# Agile Strategy Dev.

# Culture Change 

# Digital Transformation

# Leading in Agile Context

# Organization Design



In 2004 I founded Wagner & Teams GmbH as a change and leadership development consultancy. We currently focus on supporting large organization during their transformation towards a system of flexible units that create value for customers.


In 2013 I co-founded the Cooperative Change Group and acted as its CEO until 2017. It was the first change consultancy organized as a cooperative in Germany.


In 2019 I co-founded the

emergize GmbH & Co. KG together with Philipp Forster. We rethink organizations and develop an emergent change approach which is appropriate to successfully deal with the complex challenges of our time.

My Purpose

"I help individuals, teams and organizations become the best version of themselves: find their purpose. realize their potential. be happy. contribute to a better world."


Any profound change aka transformation can only be successful if all those involved understand the reason for the change and the direction of the change. Purpose and direction are at the core of the Change Wheel because they unleash energy and stimulate action.



Alone, without support of colleagues, no one has ever achieved anything great. Profound change, in particular, can only be achieved by a joint effort of motivated people who cooperate constructively.


A rather linear approach to change (management) is unlikely to be successful when dealing with complex challenges such as the transformation away from hierarchy towards a more collaborative paradigm. When variables and interdependencies are unknown, an iterative approach with self-organized teams working in the same direction is the solution.



If you only „think“ that the theory you derive your change practices from is robust, and if you only „feel“ like the specific situation in a change process is the way it is, then you might be lucky and you might be right. But that is unlikely. Choosing theory that is grounded in empirical research and using research methods in your change processes is much more likely to lead to success.

My Role

A change supporter needs to fulfill different roles at different times. As we are who we are, we can be good at many things but we can only be great at few things.
My strength is to identify the barriers to, and drivers of, change and have the courage to share my view with the people who need to know - whoever they are.
I am grateful to Daryl Conner for sharpening my role in the Raise Your Game Retreat.


We cannot stop digitization and we certainly should not. But we can and should influence the development and use of digital products and services. At emergize we experiment intensively with the use of digital tools for analysis, dialogue and collaboration  because big data and digital tools need to become mainstream in change management. In order to explore the potential of digital Technologies, I visited conferences such as #SXSW in Austin and the Singularity University Global Summit in San Francisco as well as innovative companies like IDEO and universities like Stanford.

I supervised two master theses on digital transformation.

My Approach

Whatever you want to change in a human system: it probably has interdependencies to other aspects of the social system. In other words: the challenge is complex. Therefore I take complexity theory seriously.

I spent a week in the Silicon Valley and discussed the application of the Cynefin framework to the navigation of complex change with Dave Snowden. His views challenge many assumptions of mainstream and systemic approaches to change.

The one thing that I almost always do when supporting a client in a change process is the visualization of the different facets of the change with the Change Wheel.


I am proud that, together with my teams, I could help these organizations and their employees with their change efforts:

Audi I adidas I Arcadis I Arcandor I Avacon I BSH I Beiersdorf I Bechem I Bundesagentur für Arbeit I Bilfinger I BKK Essanelle I BMW I Brenntag I Carl Zeiss I Cooperative Change Group I Condor I I Daimler I Daimler TSS I Deutsche BahnI Diehl Aerosystems I Danone I Dräxlmaier I Dräger I E.ON I EWE I FHDW Paderborn I Giesecke&Devrient I GreyLogix I HEV Heimwerkermärkte I Hochschule München I Hochschule Kempten I Horváth & Partners I Infineon I Insight Technology Solutions I Intervet I juris I Knorr-Bremse I Leitwerk Consulting I Münchener Hypothekenbank I OSRAM I Oerlikon I OBI I ProSiebenSat.1 I Rottal Terme I Roland Berger Strategy Consultants I Ruhr-Universität Bochum I Siemens I SAP I Schaeffler I Sony I Sky I S-Bahn Berlin I Stadtwerke München I thyssenkrupp I Telefonica I Universität Wuppertal I Vattenfall I Wirtschaftsverband für Industrieservice I


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